Architectural Designer Rachel Armstrong tweets to open The Swedish Twitter University

Presenting a mind-blowing idea in twenty-five 140 character bits and then discussing it, on the open and accessible social medium of Twitter. That’s what The Swedish Twitter University is all about. Now Rachel Armstrong, Senior TED Fellow and co-Director of AVATAR, University of Greenwich, will be the first to present an idea in this format.

On Monday the 14th of November, 8 pm GMT, using the @SvTwuni Twitter account, Rachel Armstrong will be tweeting on how to move beyond the current sustainability paradigm, which she argues, “has become a set of truisms about the present”. Her presentation discusses the nature of architecture and city planning, but is of concern for anyone interested in sustainability related issues. Discussion tweets will be tagged #STU01.

But why present an idea on Twitter?

– Social media has shown that it can flatten out hierarchies and smash down ivory towers, enabling instant interaction from virtually anywhere around the globe, allowing ideas to spread fast and far. But every medium also intrudes on the people using it and what they’re trying to communicate. This can be a good thing – if you work with and acknowledge the mediums peculiarities and inherent limitations, says Marcus Nilsson, founder and head of The Swedish Twitter University.

On Twitter each post, called a tweet, can only contain text and hypertext and be no longer than 140 characters. For presenting an idea at The Swedish Twitter University, only 25 such tweets can be used.

– These restrictions are supposed to force the tweeter to creatively seek out the most efficient and inspiring way to present their idea to a broad and motley Twitter crowd, Marcus Nilsson continues.

The flexibility of this medium will also be explored in a broader educational context for Armstrong’s presentation taking the form of a shorter ‘tweet talk’. This will be released earlier in the day aimed to provoke discussion and debate on ‘sustainability’ for high schools, with assistance from Katz Kiely, event curator, Telecom World.

Initially The Swedish Twitter University has the ambition to introduce at least one new exiting idea every week.

On the 16th of november, at 6 pm GMT, Robert Jackson, a PhD candidate at the University of Plymouth who does research on algorithmic artworks and non-human aesthetics, will be next to tweet an idea at The Swedish Twitter University.

More information is on The Swedish Twitter University blog,, and the @SvTwuni Twitter account.

Marcus Nilsson, Founder and head of The Swedish Twitter University can be reached at or +46-739-159742. Or on Twitter of course, where he is known as @ozonist.

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