#STU02 – Robert Jackson: “Computational Aesthetics: Independence and execution”

Wednesday, 16th of November 2011, 6 pm GMT

Title: Computational Aesthetics: Independence and execution
Tweeter: Robert Jackson @parallax00, MPhil/PhD candidate at the University of Plymouth, Faculty of Arts and Media. Kurator / Arts and Social Technologies (K/AST). Artist, academic and software programmer.
Description: When we stare at algorithmic artworks, what is it we’re staring at? Unlike paintings or sculptures, algorithms are active and dynamic. Unlike installations and politically motivated art, algorithms are deterministic, discrete and non-relational. Within the wider field of computational art, my research looks at algorithmic art (particularly John F. Simon Jr, Frieder Nake and Antoine Schmitt) as an occluded field of research which fails to fit into progressive modernist formalism, de-materialised process or even relational aesthetics. But even more than that, algorithmic aesthetics reveals something about the relationship between mathematical computation, causal systems and experience itself. My twitter talk will allude to the notion that the systems we observe in aesthetic reflection are just as equivalently sophisticated as anything humans or nature can do. If this is the case, aesthetics cannot stay within human experience; it is a generalised undecidable feature of finite existence.
Hashtag: #STU02

To attend: Follow the hashtag and the @SvTwuni account on twitter (in seperate windows).

Further reading

Every Icon
(needs Java runtime plugin)

Texts and Bios
Antoine Schmitt – Avec Determination + Bio

Antoine Schmitt – list of works

A presentation of Frieder Nake’s algorithmic work by artist and programmer Casey Reas

Object Oriented Ontology – Wiki

Algorithmic Aesthetics – Computer Models for Criticism and Design in the Arts: (originally published by James Gips and George Stiny in 1978)
Preface to the original
Website to download the book for free (warning large PDF): http://www.algorithmicaesthetics.org/

The Aesthetics of Generative Code. Paper by artists Geoff Cox, Alex McLean and Adrian Ward

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