#STU07 – Jim Walker: “Steve Jobs’ Greatest Legacy: How Apps, Smartphones, and Tablets Will Revolutionize Healthcare”

Tuesday, 13th of December 2011, 8 pm GMT

Title: Steve Jobs’ Greatest Legacy: How Apps, Smartphones, and Tablets Will Revolutionize Healthcare
Tweeter: Jim Walker, Director Emerging Trends – Cadient Group. Jim is the founder of AnywhereHealth.com, and provides digital marketing strategy for a wide-range of healthcare clients. He is particularly interested in helping brand teams take advantage of social networks, mobile marketing, and online video. Jim graduated from Amherst College with a degree in English & Japanese and has an MS in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.
Description: It will take many years to fully assess Steve Jobs’ impact on the 21st century, but in terms of healthcare – the advances he and his team at Apple sparked in terms of user-friendly apps, smartphones, and tablets have already begun to change the shape of medicine around the world:

  • A physician in Philadelphia clicks on his iPad and has immediate access to CT scans from the ER.
  • In a remote village outside of Nairobi, a healthcare worker walking to a make-shift clinic makes sure to bring her mobile phone so that patient vital signs can be immediately texted back to the hospital.
  • A mother in Chicago goes to the drugstore and uses her iPhone in the aisle to find coupons for children’s pain medicine.

Each day around the world, scenes like these are occurring with increasing frequency as the combined impact of smartphones, tablets, and social networks revolutionize the ways by which patients are diagnosed, monitored, and treated. The common threads that link these stories – Anywhere Diagnosis, Anywhere Data, and Anywhere Delivery – are powerful and far-reaching, and together form the foundation for Anywhere Health.
Hashtag: #STU07

To attend: Follow the hashtag and the @SvTwuni account on twitter (in seperate windows).

Further reading

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Anywhere Health Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/jimwalks/anywhere-health-webcast-1027final

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