Jim Walker: Steve Jobs’ Greatest Legacy: How Apps, Smartphones, and Tablets Will Revolutionize Healthcare #STU07

This presentation was given on Tuesday, 13th of December 2011, 8 pm GMT, by Jim Walker, Director Emerging Trends – Cadient Group. Jim is the founder of AnywhereHealth.com, and provides digital marketing strategy for a wide-range of healthcare clients. He is particularly interested in helping brand teams take advantage of social networks, mobile marketing, and online video. Jim graduated from Amherst College with a degree in English & Japanese and has an MS in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

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Jim Walker



Here’s @ozonist, head and founder of The Swedish Twitter University, once again. Welcome to you all! Today’s lecture #STU07 is titled:
“Steve Jobs’ Greatest Legacy: How Apps, Smartphones, and Tablets Will Revolutionize Healthcare” and will be given by Jim Walker shortly.
@paulderoos Thanks – hope you can join us!
You follow the @svtwuni flow for Jim’s presentation and tag questions and comments #STU07 so that everyone can see.
The #STU07 flow can be followed and used at http://t.co/t3ZcVaPU as well, but keep @SvTwuni open in a separate tab/window.
RT @anneschoettle: “Steve Jobs’ Greatest Legacy: How Apps, Smartphones, and Tablets Will Revolutionize Healthcare” http://t.co/HzT1N5uY #STU07
And that’s all I wanted to say, along with a big Welcome to Jim of course! The account is yours – take it away! #STU07
Hi – Thank you joining us today for this Twitter Lecture!
I work for http://t.co/dLBTuEfm, and write a blog called http://t.co/zNXoohTb. We are glad to be with you all today!
Anywhere Health (AH) = mobile data capture, mobile diagnostics, and mobile delivery of healthcare. #mHealth
AH leverages more than 1 billion smartphones globally. Combined with improving bandwidth and chipsets = most powerful tech. on the planet.
Globally, hospitals, physicians, patients, and even retailers such as Walmart, have begun to embrace mobile phone and tablet solutions.
Steve Jobs and Apple catalyzed this dramatic change in healthcare through apps, iPad, and iPhone. But rest of industry is catching up fast.
Looking forward to #stu07 tweetchat not sure what to expect 🙂 Btw. provided link http://t.co/UC9J2BXA gives “ERROR 404 – PAGE NOT FOUND”
Today we will review some examples of how AH is being deployed, and also consider the pros and cons of this new health platform.
In terms of ANYWHERE DATA CAPTURE, countless devices and apps now allow patients to gain extraordinary insights re: everyday health info:
@Doctor4Quality Sorry about that. Working link: http://t.co/KJO9LA5s #STU07
Asthmapolis created a built-in GPS for asthma inhalers. Allows location tracking of asthma events. http://t.co/qdPLjhOZ
The UP bracelet from Jawbone provides a convenient platform for tracking sleep, activity, and meals. http://t.co/A9wKvM06
@svtwuni Join Jim Walker now for his tweet lecture on @anywherehealth #stu07 #mhealth #healthapps #socpharm
Withings Scale allows for simple weight tracking, data sent to iPhone for elegant time-series view of changes. http://t.co/BSv0yhB2
Please take a moment and check these pictures…! What does everyone think about this technology? Has anyone tried it?
In terms of ANYWHERE DIAGNOSTICS, solutions typically use a phone in combination with additional amplification such as a lens or plug-in.
AliveCor ECG device allows for quick, accurate ECG from mobile based device. Nearing approval in multiple markets. http://t.co/Kti8rT3p
Handyscope is a mobile connected dermatoscope, allowing for stunning pics and software driven analysis. http://t.co/qWJbCWiT
LifeLens allows field-based analysis of blood using simple lens + software to detect malaria cells. http://t.co/twGoBIZr
Saw on @anywherehealth that you did an interview with Withings CEO – any new technologies developed from that? #stu07
In terms of ANYWHERE DELIVERY, mobile devices are now deployed at the point of care in industrialized nations, as well as developing world.
VScan from GE: quick inspection of the heart, abdominal organs and urinary bladder. Images appear instantly. http://t.co/94UR1PgU
GlowCaps are technology-enable pill bottle caps: remind patient when to take meds, and alert them if they forget http://t.co/TswIJWrQ
DNA Electronics handheld device allows docs to test if meds will work with patients based on their DNA. http://t.co/ymMWQslm
@lucybrown2650 @anywherehealth Yes, they are doing some great work at Withings: a scale, a BP cuff, and baby monitor. Software is great!
Together – Anywhere Data Capture, Diagnosis, and Delivery provide speed, accuracy, and convenience never before possible in healthcare.
AH devices pull a constant stream of data – providing longitudinal views that are rarely seen except in sophisticated treatment settings.
This longitudinal view – in and of itself –provides significant benefits for patient compliance, motivation, and outcomes.
AH diagnostics can provide cost effective, timely monitoring on a scale that has the potential to lower the cost of many basic screenings.
Physicians can use their own mobile devices to gain latest patient info, as well as to provide point of care solutions.
Potential downsides to AH include a digital divide – this time based on smartphone access and patient sophistication/learning.
Also –reliance on technology to gather data further alienates patients from learning to listen to their own bodies and natural bio-feedback.
Conclusion: 2010s = tremendous change in healthcare, driven by AH tech. Benefits appear > potential negatives. Stay tuned! Thanks Steve.
That concludes the 25 tweets. So, let’s open the floor to some discussion!
@SvTwuni #stu07 Jim will there be a way to take you temperature via smrtphone/tablet/pad?
@halshapiro That’s a great question. I think very soon, smartphones will come with a range of standard health tracking options.
Hi, thought that #STU07 was a lecture, not a marketing campaign for AH. Disappointed, not impressed.
@Doctor4Quality Um – we are trying to provide some examples so people know what AH is about… we have no AH product we are selling.
Love the concept of a Twitter Lecture #STU07
@SvTwuni Neverless the topic was ” How Apps, Smartphones, and Tablets Will Revolutionize Healthcare” not AHI products. Disappointed #STU07
Does anyone have any thoughts on how personal mobile tech can “revolutionize health care”? #STU07
@Doctor4Quality The Further Reading section at the STU page has many links re: revolutionary impact. esp. see Topol’s http://t.co/VW9A26Ym
Will all this just be gadgets for hypochondriacs and health freaks or will it actually provide better (public) health? How? #STU07
Topol just spoke at the mHealth conf. in Washington – he was very passionate and convincing re: how AH is going to change medicine.
@ozonist It may feed into hypochondriacs – but – for everyday health, stream of data from multiple sources will bea boon for Public Health.
@SvTwuni AH also encourages patients to listen to their bodies, via the use of smart tools such as Fitbit and the ones you mentioned. #STU07
@SvTwuni Could you perhaps give us a few examples of what Topol is talking about? #STU07
Technology is also allowing for patients to track data directly into the cloud – for accurate, easy, ongoing data : http://t.co/j3yPrG1c
Topol showed some of the devices we reviewed. Demonstrated the ECG device on stage. The DNA Electronics device will have profound impact.
When individual genomics can be quickly tested, and then medical prescribing decisions made, that will have many positive outcomes.
@one11software Yes, Fitbit is a great example of how AH is going mainstream. if it keeps people in tune with their body, w/b a good thing!
Thank you for your time and attention today! Ha en fantastisk semester säsong!

Further readinG

Dr. Eric Topol on the impact of Digital Technology on Medicine: http://www.creativedestructionofmedicine.com/

Apple Capitalizes on Doctors’ iPad Romance: http://www.informationweek.com/news/healthcare/mobile-wireless/232300218

Top Medical Apps: http://www.imedicalapps.com/top-apps/

Qualcomm Launches Data Hub for Home Health: http://mobihealthnews.com/15090/why-the-qualcomm-life-2net-launch-matters/

FDA Regulation of Mobile Apps: http://thehealthcareblog.com/blog/2011/10/24/are-health-apps-the-cure-for-anything-that-ails-you/

Anywhere Health Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/jimwalks/anywhere-health-webcast-1027final

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