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Logo and fresh design for this blog needed

The Swedish Twitter University really needs a nice-looking logo/avatar and a functional and fresh design for this blog. Are you willing to give us some of your time and skills to help us look a little better? Contact svtwuniATmailDOTcom and eternal gratitude will be your reward.

#STU06 – Jamais Cascio: “The Foresight Immune System”

Monday, 12th of December 2011, 8 pm GMT

Title:The Foresight Immune System
Tweeter: Selected by Foreign Policy magazine as one of their Top 100 Global Thinkers, Jamais Cascio (@cascio) specializes in the design and creation of plausible scenarios of the future. His work has appeared in the Atlantic Monthly and Foreign Policy, among others, and he has been featured in a variety of future-oriented television programs. Cascio speaks about future possibilities around the world, at venues including the National Academy of Sciences and TED. Cascio is currently a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Future. In 2003, he co-founded the award-winning environmental website, and now blogs at Open the Future.
Description: If accurate predictions are impossible — and they are — why should we think about the future? In 25 tweets we’ll explore why foresight work remains important and what role it should play in our thinking about the world. Hint: it does for civilization what a vaccination does for our bodies…
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Jonas Hannestad: Nature as Technology: Strategies for Nano-Scale, DNA-Based Communication #STU05

This presentation was given on wednesday, 7th of December 2011, 8 pm GMT, by Jonas Hannestad, @jhannestad, PhD student at Chemical and Biological Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg. Jonas works with bio-inspired nanotechnology, with a particular focus on nano-scale photonic devices. Continue reading

#STU08 – An Xiao Mina: “Translating People: Crossing the Language Barrier in Social Media”

Thursday, 15th of December 2011, 11 pm GMT

Title: Translating People: Crossing the Language Barrier in Social Media
Tweeter: An Xiao Mina (aka “An Xiao”, her artist name), @anxiaostudio, is an American design thinker and new media artist. She uses technology to build and empower communities through creative expression. She co-founded and directs the digital efforts of Bird’s Nest: Ai Weiwei in English, a translation site for Ai Weiwei’s Twitter account. Her work has been featured in venues internationally, from the Brooklyn Museum to Shanghai’s Xindanwei, and in publications like The New York Times, The Guardian, Art in America and CNNGo. Learn more at or on Twitter at @anxiaostudio.
Description: “By now, we can take for granted that social media interfaces exist in different languages.  Facebook has been translated into over a hundred languages, and Twitter has a dozen options.  But is this really building a global dialogue?  Consider Tencent QQ, a social network of over 800 million active users.  They offer an intuitive, streamlined English-language interface. Most people outside China have never heard of it.  Why is this?

In my Twitter lecture, I want to discuss why we need take the next step beyond translating interfaces.  We need more open, embedded translation tools on social media that translate people.  I will point to sites that offer these features and draw on my experience working on the translation site for Ai Weiwei’s Twitter account.”
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