The Swedish Twitter University opens Department of Green Innovations and Solutions

The Swedish Twitter University is launching a new Department of Green Innovations and Solutions, in collaboration with Green Futures magazine. The department will tweet a story from the frontline of sustainability every Tuesday at 6 PM GMT.

Each presentation will be 15 tweets long and lead up to a discussion session, where anyone can participate using the #gfstu hashtag.

The stories – covering everything from 3D printing to the future of flying – will be presented by Martin Wright, Editor in Chief, and Anna Simpson, Managing Editor, and by friends and associates of Green Futures magazine. They will then chair a discussion on the topic.

The first Department of Green Innovation and Solutions event will take place on Tuesday 17 January, when Anna will give 15 tweets from the @SvTwuni Twitter account on the subject:

Next generation DIY: 3D printers and the end of consumerism

Presentations can be followed at @SvTwuni, Tweetchat Room #gfstu or #gfstu on Twitter. Use the hashtag #gfstu in tweets to join the discussion.


The Swedish Twitter University (@SvTwuni) is a place where interesting speakers — scientists, academics, etc — tweet about exciting ideas from their respective fields in a well-defined format. Fellows include Rachel Armstrong, Jamais Cascio, Steve Fuller and Eileen A Joy.

Green Futures is the leading magazine on environmental solutions and sustainable futures. Founded by Jonathon Porritt in 1996, it is published by Forum for the Future. Every issue is packed full of stories, comment and insight on topics ranging from clean energy and smart design, to food and finance in a changing world. @GreenFutures

Martin Wright is Editor in Chief at Green Futures, and also leads on the development of Forum for the Future’s international work, particularly in India, the US and China. He’s a regular Chair of Forum events, including those in partnership with The Guardian, and a visiting judge for the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy. @MartinFutures

Anna Simpson is Managing Editor at Green Futures, where she works on subjects as diverse as farming, faith and retrofit, and pens features on scandalous themes like sex and gambling. In the past, she wrote for India’s science and environment magazine Down To Earth and edited WENnews for Women’s Environmental Network. @_annasimpson

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