#STU12 – Melissa Sterry: “Building a Bionic City: Science Fiction or Future Science Fact?”

ThursDAY, 16TH OF February 2012, 8 PM GMT

Abstract: A city able to anticipate and adapt to major meteorological and geological events may sound like the stuff of sci-fi, but could emergent innovations in materials, sensors and signal processing, structural engineering, smart technologies and intelligent systems enable the concept to become science fact? Arthur C. Clarke said “At the present rate of progress, it is almost impossible to imagine any technical feat that cannot be achieved – if it can be achieved at all – within the next few hundred years.” Melissa’s lecture will present current and future technological possibles to assist those participating in the lecture to answer for themselves the question of whether a Bionic City will remain in the domain of science fiction or become future science fact.
Melissa Sterry, @MelissaSterry, is a design scientist, futurist and transformational change strategist to the built environment, utilities, manufacturing, design, publishing, media and communications industries. A PhD researcher at the Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research group (AVATAR) at University of Greenwich, she is developing The Bionic City™: a sustainable smart city it transfers knowledge from Earth’s ecosystems to a blueprint for a metropolis with resilience to extreme meteorological and geological events, enabling reduced structural damage and loss of life from events including flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, eruptions and earthquakes. A Visiting Fellow of Sustainable Innovation in Design & Media and Assembly member at University of Salford, Melissa is a Visiting Lecturer and Guest Critic at universities including the AA School of Architecture. A member of the scientific committee of the International Bionic Engineering Society, she is a speaker, panel chair and workshop host at international sustainability conferences and seminars including EcoBuild, European Future Energy Forum, Forum for the Built Environment, World Congress on Sustainable Technologies, International Bionic Engineering Conference, Tomorrow’s Natural Business Conference and Sustainable Business in Practice. Published in over 50 international titles, including sustain’ magazine of which she is an editorial board member, Melissa is Director and Head of Technology at 360 media group Earth 2 Hub Ltd, which aims to re-establish a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature using art, science and digital creativity. A multi-award winning social entrepreneur she was listed in the Future 100 (2008), as one of the young business leaders changing the face of everyday business and improving commerce’s impact on the wider world. The creator of catalyst for rapid innovation in sustainable design NEW FRONTIERS™, which was the first prize winner of the Great Exhibition 2012 competition, she is an inductee of the Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network Hall of Fame and was the recipient of the Mensa Education and Research Foundation International Award for Benefit to Society 2010 for exceptional commitment to enhancing intelligence which benefits society.
Hashtag: #STU12

To attend: Follow the hashtag and the @SvTwuni account on twitter (in seperate windows).

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