Green Futures Tuesday: How smart new materials can save energy in old buildings #gfstu

This event in the Green Futures Tuesday series was arranged on February 21st 2012, at 4pm GMT, by the Department of Green Innovations and Solutions.


Anna Simpson



About to start! Green Futures Tuesday: how smart materials can save energy in buildings Use #gfstu to join in! #gfstu
4:00 PM
1. Retrofits are a balancing act. How can we save energy without compromising space, storage, accessibility, functionality & LOOKS? #gfstu
4:02 PM
2. There are secrets to success: good planning, teamwork etc. But there are also lots of exciting new materials out there. #gfstu
4:02 PM
3. Take insulation for a start. Instead of layers of fluff, try aerogel – a super insulator designed to keep astronauts warm in space #gfstu
4:03 PM
4. As the name [aerogel] hints, it’s over 99% air trapped in a loose silicon-based structure and strengthened by fibres. #gfstu
4:03 PM
5. A strip of aerogel just 9.5mm thick can improve the insulation of a wall by up to 42%, acc to US Dept of Energy. #gfstu
4:05 PM
6. Airtight buildings keep heat in but struggle with humidity and heat. Some new intelligent membranes adapt to changing conditions. #gfstu
4:06 PM
7. pro clima [sic] has developed a vapour-permeable membrane: air- & water-tight, but which responds to humidity. #gfstu
4:07 PM
8. In cold, wintry weather this ‘smart’ membrane is almost entirely impermeable, but in warm weather it allows moisture to escape. #gfstu
4:07 PM
9. Of course, even airtight buildings need some ventilation… #gfstu
4:08 PM
10. Engineers are developing new dynamic insulation systems to ensure fresh air coming into heated buildings is as warm as possible. #gfstu
4:08 PM
11. Energyflo fits insulation panels to the external wall, where air is pre-heated by the sun and by heat escaping through the walls #gfstu
4:09 PM
12. The warm air then rises up the cavity and is channelled into the building through ventilation systems. #gfstu
4:09 PM
14. And then there’s electrochromic glass, which works a bit like Reactolite sunglasses. #gfstu
4:10 PM
15. It can be darkened either automatically or manually to prevent overheating in strong sunlight & let more rays in during winter. #gfstu
4:10 PM
Read more about smart materials for energy efficient buildings @GreenFutures: #gfstu
4:11 PM
@GreenFutures has produced a whole special edition on #retrofit & energy efficiency in buildings. Free download: #gfstu
4:13 PM
What other great solutions are there to make our buildings less costly to run? #gfstu
4:15 PM

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