Green Futures Tuesday: Space: the final frontier in recycling #gfstu

This event in the Green Futures Tuesday series was arranged on February 28th 2012, at 4pm GMT, by the Department of Green Innovations and Solutions.


Anna Simpson



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4:21 PM
1. Recycling & upcycling initiatives are springing up everywhere – in art, fashion, home decorating… Yes, even in outer space! #gfstu
4:22 PM
2. There’s lots of old junk orbiting the Earth, enough to create a collision hazard for expensive new satellites. What to do with it? #gfstu
4:23 PM
3. All those abandoned solar arrays, antennae & comms devices originally cost around $300bn… And a lot of it would still work. #gfstu
4:24 PM
4. Better than bringing it all back to earth: a new outer space clean-up project is planning to reuse old satellites in situ! #gfstu
4:26 PM
5. The Phoenix mission is treating geostationary orbit like a spoil tip that can be ‘mined’ for spare parts. #gfstu
4:27 PM
6. Sounds expensive, but could work out cheaper than putting new payloads into orbit, which costs c. $20,000 per kilo. #gfstu
4:27 PM
7. In 2015, robotic tools controlled from earth will dismantle & reconfigure a satellite, while still in orbit. #gfstu
4:28 PM
8. A mother ship will strip antennae and other things off defunct satellites (with the owners’ permission!) #gfstu
4:28 PM
9. These will be coupled up with satlets (little newly launched parts) to make new working systems. #gfstu
4:28 PM
10. Who’s behind it? The US military, but the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to make it a collaborative project. #gfstu
4:30 PM
11. DARPA is calling for participation from international / non-traditional space communities in “vital tech areas”. #gfstu
4:30 PM
12. Sectors that could benefit include micro-electronics, robotics, imaging, connectivity, manufacturing & data storage. #gfstu
4:31 PM
13. Promising! but the space junk industry is not (yet) fully focused on recycling. #gfstu
4:31 PM
14. NASA also has projects for zapping debris with earth-based lasers, or sending solar-powered satellites on clean-up missions. #gfstu
4:32 PM
15. There could be mileage, too, in ‘simpler’ mobile repair stations to get failing comms satellites back into use. #gfstu
4:32 PM
Read more about ‘Space: the final frontier in recycling’ @GreenFutures #gfstu
4:33 PM
RT @svtwuni: Coming up now! 15 tweets on Space: the final frontier in recycling. Join us with #gfstu or visit
4:51 PM
That was fun! 15 tweets on Space: the final frontier in recycling. #gfstu @SvTwuni
5:13 PM

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