How can I attend an event?
You just open http://twitter.com/SvTwuni in your browser to follow the presentation. Then go to the http://twitter.com homepage in another browser window, and perform a Twitter-search for the associated hashtag (for example #STU01). Arrange the browser windows next to each other for maximum overview of the event. Everything will be updated in more or less realtime.

Or you can put the @SvTwuni-flow in one column and the associated hashtag-flow in another one next to it, if you got a Twitter-client like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

Do I need a Twitter-account to attend an event?
No, not if you just want to lurk and not engage in any discussions… But that’s NOT recommended!

Do I need a Twitter-account to present an idea on The Swedish Twitter University?
No, all you need is a great idea! The tweets are delivered through the @SvTwuni-account, wich you will gain access to half an hour before your presentation’s starting time.

Who’s behind The Swedish Twitter University?
The Swedish Twitter University is a project, run by individual enthusiasts for no profit.

Why is it called The Swedish Twitter University? Isn’t it open to the world?
Of course it is! And most of the events will probably be aimed at an international audience. However, there might be interesting topics and mind-blowing ideas that are mostly or even exclusively of swedish concern. Sweden is also a small country on the northern edge of the world; there might be relevant issues that has not yet been widely introduced to a swedish speaking audience. This Twitter University is open for those kind of things.

More importantly: The name implies that there can be more than one Twitter university. Indeed, the concept is easily applied to a lot of different fields and interests. We encourage people to copy the concept, modify it at will, and make Twitter universities with different profiles all over the worlds. Kopimi!

Ask us about anything in the comments below.

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