The drill

If you want to present an idea and lead a discussion on it on The Swedish Twitter University:

  1. Read carefully through the concept.
  2. Think of an idea that could be presented in that format.
  3. Contact svtwuni  @ mail . com and tell us all about it!
  4. Prepare 25 tweets, “naturally broken” in 140 character pieces.
  5. Get back to the university administration and discuss a time when you can give give your presentation and answer questions during one hour (or longer).
  6. The administration announces the event on the @SvTwuni account and this blog, with all other practical details and links to further reading material that you have picked out.
  7. Together we try to spread the word!
  8. Right before the start of the presentation you’ll get access to the @SvTwuni account – and then you go! Introduce yourself in a few tweets and then do your 25, while keeping track of the oassociated hashtag and answer questions in a way appropriate for you.
  9. That’s it! The presentation and hashtag will then be archived on this blog.

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