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Logo and fresh design for this blog needed

The Swedish Twitter University really needs a nice-looking logo/avatar and a functional and fresh design for this blog. Are you willing to give us some of your time and skills to help us look a little better? Contact svtwuniATmailDOTcom and eternal gratitude will be your reward.

Protocol for crowdsourcing the recruitment of interesting tweeters

  1. You come across a mind-blowing idea.
  2. You ping The Swedish Twitter University at @SvTwuni or svtwuni @ mail . com
  3. We say: Hey, that’s brilliant!
  4. You approach the people behind the idea, link to the concept page (and perhaps the archived events) and convince them that they really should have a go at this.
  5. They say: Yes, I’d love to!
  6. You hook us up and we’ll take it from there…


If just five people can do this just once a month the number of  events on The Swedish Twitter University will double!

Administration assistance needed

Do you want to make this blog look nicer and help keeping it updated?

Do you want to help administrating lectures and recruiting new lecturers?

E-mail us at svtwuni @ mail . com ! It will be a great ride!

Logo needed

The Swedish Twitter University is badly in need of a nice looking logotype (that is: a logotype MUCH different from the one you can see on the right…), that can work both as a Twitter avatar and for use in the header of this blog . Can you help us make one?

Please contact the administration at svtwuni @ mail . com ! You will be eternally rewarded with our deepest gratitude.