The administration

Do you or your institution want to be a part of this? Please contact svtwuni @ mail . com

Marcus Nilsson, @ozonist
Founder and head of The Swedish Twitter University

The story is this: One of the intriguing people I greediously collect in my Twitter feed linked to a TED Talks video about the field of research he was engaged in. At the same time, in another window on my desktop, I was preparing a series of tweets to present an idea of mine. I had tried this practice several times before, with some success – meaning: sparking discussions and occasionaly resulting in RT:s (that’s what we twitterers live for, isn’t it?).

The amalgam of this (brilliant twitterers, TED Talks, ideas carefully presented as tweets) became The Swedish Twitter University, a concept I immediately – of course – introduced to my followers, and had tons of positive reactions to. The concept was developed further in dialogue with Twitter, eventually ending up here.

About me: I’m interested in philosophy (speculative realism in particular), science&technology, political activism and evodevo-aspects of biology. I enthusiastically pursue these interests and my own intellectual growth on the internets. The Swedish Twitter University is the only institution I’m currently part of.

Department of Green Innovations and Solutions

The department produces the Green Futures Tuesday event series (#gfstu) and is a collaboration between The Swedish Twitter University and Green Futures, a leading magazine on environmental solutions and sustainable futures.

Martin Wright is Editor in Chief at Green Futures, and also leads on the development of Forum for the Future’s international work, particularly in India, the US and China. He’s a regular Chair of Forum events, including those in partnership with The Guardian, and a visiting judge for the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy. @MartinFutures

Anna Simpson is Managing Editor at Green Futures, where she works on subjects as diverse as farming, faith and retrofit, and pens features on scandalous themes like sex and gambling. In the past, she wrote for India’s science and environment magazine Down To Earth and edited WENnews for Women’s Environmental Network. @_annasimpson

Green Futures was founded by Jonathon Porritt in 1996, and is published by Forum for the Future. Follow Green Futures on Twitter @GreenFutures and via Facebook.

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